Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St . Patricks day

 color a rainbow
If you found a Shamrock watch out who know what that silly Leprechaun touched or did ?

 poured white but turned green



 lunch with meatballs and milk

 magic snack white power turn to green snack

 we color our cups for snack and went outside and guess what happen they turn into leprechaun hats and filled with gold

 Thanks nick for a sweet snack . yummy

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dr, seuss part 2

What a fun two weeks we had with Dr. Seuss

 link below

 crazy socks

tracing our feet

 measuring with our feet
 foot book twister

 of course had popcorn with our hop on  pop  book
 We made paddles  for our Balloons to pop up and down
 we even took them outside to play

Friday, March 6, 2015

Dr . Seuss week 1

Pass the cat when heard the word  Cat  


find your matching (pair up with ) Rhyming pair

Snack stack pattern

so this game I found fun and so does the kids I remove the STOP cards .you turn over three cards and do what it say like . Skip , with a boat ,under your left arm  

 love these puzzles I made from my fav books

 pattern , stack ,lace or count

Green eggs and ham

color mixing

 All my books I have a round 40 books but depend where your source is from  there is 50 to 60  books . some day ill have them all