Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dinosaur cracked his egg! Circle time

Dinosaur cracked his egg!

Dinosaur egg.
up high on the wall
you rolled to far
and had a great fall
now all you Dino pals and these boys and girls
will have to try to put you back together again !
I have this written on the back of the brown egg and make three more eggs in green , brown and yellow so i can hand out the pcs and we can together put the puzzle together . I did cover the puzzle pc to use and make stronger year after year .
unknown where it came from i made it years ago .
I have a dozen dinosaur books but i picked these to up a few months back from the dollar section at target for .25 for the younger kids to play , read and use in the book area . we did read them but they are simply catch bony back ?
I though as am at it the finger play am using this week with the dinosaur theme .

The Dinosaurs
The dinosaurs lived long ago, when life on earth began.
(gesture palm up wave over your shoulder)
Some were tall (gesture high).
Some were small (gesture low).
Some liked water (gesture swimming).
Some liked land (gesture walking by alternating palms on your knees).
Pteranadons had leathery wings (gesture flying).
Brontausaurs, long necks (gesture to neck).
But the meanest dinosaur of all (gesture mean face).
Was Tyranosaurus Rex (gesture heavy stomping by alternating
palms on your knees).
By lisa G

Five Silly Dinosaurs
Five silly dinosaurs began to snore, (make snoring noises)
One woke up, and then there were four.
Four silly dinosaurs climbing a tree, (reach up with arms and move legs as if climbing)
One fell out, and then there were three. (fall down)
Three silly dinosaurs playing with glue, (move hands)
One got stuck, and then there were two. (act like feet are stuck to floor)
Two silly dinosaurs went out for a run, (run in place)
One fell down, and then there was one. (fall down)
One silly dinosaur acting like a hero,
Went out to save the others, and then there were zero. (sit down)
(Author Unknown)

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