Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday letter This week N

So Nn first we made our list of all the N words , we traced a N page .Then we decorated an N with newspaper , News paper for N . While they where gluing the news paper to the N i had them look for N's and if they found one they got a treat .(a kiss chocolate kiss that is ) A little motivation to look at the letters on the n. Then i cut-up letter N and used as a puzzle for them to put together . I cut up five N in different colors so i knew what pc's go to what N . I also give them a template to place the pc's on . Now i will store in my letter file in a page sleeve together for next year or another day .
Thanks teach preschool for the Newspaper idea (sorry i don't remember who's idea it was )
Thanks Amy for the puzzle idea told you i use it over at project glory
check out some blog to left for sure This and that when looking for letter ideas .
I also have new paper in the book area this week as Sunday the news paper had pictures and article's of penguins and the Arctic . They been love looking at the news paper all week .

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