Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick post

Assessment I almost hate as much as doing all the other fun business stuff like taxes for childcare . But I see the end and we will be back doing fun Spring project next .

Wanted to share the joys of doing Assessments though . It is so fun to look back on each child and see how far they have come . Who couldn't write their name in October or did not know their lower case letters .

Also this is the time I write what we need to work on . I set my childcare goals according to what each child needs are . For the group and personal goals .

I wanted to share

I was going to call these tracing pages but they can be so much more as you see . Almost endless .

I picked up these photo album sleeve up like 100 for 1.69 . (Good well )

The first thing I did when I got them was made an alphabet trace and number trace . Tested with washable marker workers prefect . Then this week I made a math game counting the flower petals . Then today we also use same game or could do with alphabet also play dough Mat's .

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Self Portrait

4 year old

3year old messy hair she say

3year old

Twice a year we do these . It is great to look back on these and see how the children have grown .These go in their assessment portfolios . Now you can send a copy home also if your children love to take things home . Like mine do .
We also cover shapes today

Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Theme but lots of learning going on .

We used our smart mats for letter writing and recognition

Number order they used a pointer and counted with calendar numbers

Flower table game i made ,counting , petal to number

Check list from out school added to portifolios

Where i record info and added to portfolios

Cutting and drawing skills

Assessments that what I'll be working on this week . I do them in October and April . I do these more for my information . What I need to work on with the children then what the children need to work on .There are many kinds of forms out there . Creative Curr , high scope are a few well know ones . I use a combo from our school and a check list . I try in my program to have a balanced approach

It on going process . Am not doing it all this week am more working on my part making sure items are complete.
We cover
Self portrait (This are so fun to look back over three + year time frame )
cutting skill sample

check list of ABC's and numbers ,colors

Write name and recognize name

Anecdotal notes (not my favorite )


informal and formal information

portfolios for each child

I try to do this all in natural part of our day and items we use each day.

My children are 2yr to 4yr that am doing assessment on .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Party

We First do our Egg hunt . Each child gets to find 10 eggs each . It works pretty well . some get less and some more but i help the ones that have less and the one gets more i put back .See i have some that stick and others that hang . Make it a little more fun !

I have these two cute games I bought many years ago . Pin tail on Bunny and Egg Scramble . When the music stop who ever not holding an egg is out . Each time take egg out . The kids love this music box that comes with this game . We also use it for like freeze , It peter rabbit hoping down the bunny trail .

Then we play race . We carry the egg in spoon and put in the basket .

Graphing Jelly Beans

Graphing Jelly Beans
here another
Children learning explore counting, sorting, and graphing skills
this one i really like also
So my children are 2 year to 4years
So i give each child A handful of Jelly beans . I let them start graphing. Then we go around who got the most Yellow,pink and so on. I have them count them out to us if they have the most of one color . I let my older 3 and 4year fill in their Graph .

ConEggtor Eggs

Wanted to share these are made by Wonka

great for egg hunt

but i empty them and put in a basket and the children hook'em and make an egg chain .

What do Bunny's Eat ? Carrots

Simply triangle make easy Carrot for out Bunny friend !

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Cards

Here a few ideas from past .

The thumb print SomeBunny loves you we love these and did for this year also . Great when you have many age children .

This last bunny one which i missed the picture of the cover is colored like Easter Egg. That cover ,flips down and cover the bunny .

Tie Dye Eggs

OK not really but this is the closest some of my childcare children will get to dying eggs . You can do a pattern or letters always fun but i let them pick what and where they where putting the tape .

white cut out egg


water color paint

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easy Friday

So we starting some Easter craft simply but enjoyable and testing full force my new stamps i made .

First today they made stain glass Easter egg for then to take home to celebrate The season . Then we had our home made stamps out . only thing that did not work well was the one on baby jars lids other wise milk lids worked prefect also i try some with just self stick stickers and worked fine . Easy and cheap .

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letter of Week Ww

Water , Watermelon , wish. I print my trace pages from

When working with children it a good idea to know what kind of font the children will be using once in formal education . My children and area school uses D'nealian .