Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gumball painting Letter Gg

so we missed last Thursday letter as of the Holiday so we making it up today Gg . So we did our list of the words that start with g (child name words that start with Gg) Grace ,God good ,gumball hint hint ) and so on . So we painted with gumballs . They had a large cut out of g and rolled gumballs over the G in our paint boxes . They also have some practice writing Gg .

As you see i love things i already have around old yogurt cntainer for the paint , i do have fancy lakeshore ones but i think these are perfect . You see my fancy boxes that cost around 20 each . i dont have trays something i want but actual these work great and cheap . they just think this kind of painting magical and i hope they Gum and g stick .

Monday, November 29, 2010

December ideas

So am working on December ideas . Here a few i started .
Working with the find motor and pincher skills (clothes pins are harder then you think)
color of course and more fine motor . Plus number and counting .
so i got the tree from DLtK's .com . I was and you could just do a tree shape . I also wanted mine a Little bigger so i glued them on the green paper .Green is our color of the month also so just enforces .

Monday number 3

this month is almost over and am gearing up for December and the Holidays but we need to cover our number of the month 3 . so today we picked 3 colors to color our 3 . We also did a little practice writing number 3 .

I wanted to show you what i got this week end first i got these widow clings to add to our calendar wall at the dollar store for a buck .(25.00 later ) oh the stuff i bought for this projects was 2.80 Then when i was at good will looking for something else (50.00 later ) i found these items i show later what am using for but our shapes a star and greens our color . so going well for our Dec. theme .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stick Turkey and pin tail on Turkey

So today is the last day before Thanksgiving break . We have been all week talking about being grateful and counting our blessing . We also been talking about Thanksgiving Traditions each family have . So today we made a little stick Turkey just a pop stick we paint brown and added two silk leaves (i got this pack for a buck in dollar spot at target) but could use paper ones just as easy or what every you might have .Then added faces when they dried .

We also played pin the tail on the turkey . I used a neck warmer to cover the eyes instead of tying something something around there eye . Worked great .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving meal

So we read Dora Thanksgiving and we talked about what we eat at Thanksgiving meal . What we where thankful for and planned our own dinner . I used this sheet that from the Preschool Calendar book but you see you can use a paper plate just as easy and really cute . I save the food ad from Sunday paper and i let them go at it making up there meal . I did precut some for my Two but gave them a glue stick and they went to town making there meal . rest cut and created there own meals . This is fun to do for any Holiday meal or when you study the food groups . As you see some only have meat on plate (8yr ) other have a lot of sweets . We did talk about what the traditional meal is for Thanksgiving .

ok no process pictures today as my main camera i use decided when i went to load pictures to die all black . so here the finished project . Enjoy now if someone or was this easy to have dinner ready .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Colorful Turkeys Hand prints

so we took coffee filter and used or dubbers and dob them full of color and i added a turkey body and eyes with detail . I used up what i had around here from our feather books but you could easy make your own body . I traces their hands and cut out a set for each turkey. They are a cute Turkey craft for all ages to do .. Dubber great for 2 and up all love using them .

Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday Friday !

So one of the children is turning 4 today . I have this Birthday box where everything is keep for out parties . Make so easy to pull out and have a party . As you see my prop box is a little beat up . I use it allot and maybe next year i redo it . Here a start of a list i keep in it . Crown or sash for birthday child . Birthday CD or tape with birthday music. Plates , napkins balloons ,pretend birthday cakes to put out in play kitchen , games like pin tail and a ring toss game . also more decorations . This list could go on and you could set up a gift station , with wrapping paper , gift bags or could ad and set up a party with invites and balloons and decoration .

We play Simon says , limbo my children favorite game and follow the leader .I like these birthday games it teaches listening skills and taking turns . Great for a groups of twos like i have . We usually have a snack and make a craft or watch a birthday movie or read a story about Birthdays . Eric Carle has a book called Birthday Ssurprise . Pictures are wonderful in this book . I also always take a picture of the birthday Girl and post .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feather counting books

As i said earlier we made counting books this morning . These where made with items just around i had. So you could see what you have . could used the feather i used for F this morning but i thought these feather sticker where cute . also great to help learn colors as well as counting . As you seem i just contact paper these and used a pipe cleaner as a ring (more like a feather to me )

Letter of Week Ff for Feathers

So I cut out a huge F the kids say they are almost as big as E . And i let them glue feather on the F . We also went over our list we made on Monday of words that start with F and practice writing some Ffs . We are also working on a feather counting book i need to put together i post them later . I know two books in one month usually not me but i have one having issue learning her colors so we did the scarecrow color book and i have one having issue learning her numbers . So i though this was a great way to include in our theme this month .

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pilgrim hats

so we still talking and learning about the Pilgrim's to prepare for up coming feast next week . This is a cutting and cognitive skill placing the pieces where they need to go like a puzzle after they cute them out .From preschool calendar book) I have one little girls that been working hard the last month to learn to cut correctly . I set out scissors and strips of paper with marked lines as you see for her to practice anytime she wants . It has help tons she usually does it a few times a week . She final learning to hold scissors correct thumb up and holding paper with other hand and not cutting tons of little pieces . Instead on strip or piece . I keep this pieces and place in a bag and we will use later .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scholastic day

Once or twice a month I use Let's Find out from Scholastic i have been using them for use it comes like 6x a year for around $10.00 .It comes with a large vergin and a student book (which i make copies for activity page for students . You can also order a set for each student .

The Chipmunk fit into my theme it brown (which you see they did really color them brown ) plus we are getting ready for Our Thanksgiving feast.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Scarecrow Monday

Scarecrow Monday color book . I found this book at mailbox.com for fall and i went a step farther and had them color the book and then i laminated the book and put a hole punch and then a ring to hold book together . One of my older preschool she be 4 on Friday making her for our book shelve and rest will take home . As you see it say the word on each page with the color .

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fab Corn Friday

So we been study and talking about corn all week . Today we made corn on cob ..

I took a cut-out of a corn on cob . I had them color the stalk green and then when finished i popped some pop-corn and we glued them on ... now as you see i cut them out with cardboard as with weight of glue and popcorn they need something more then think paper . I usually use reg unpoped corn to but it was missing in action this morning . so you could do either way . Happy Friday and these will all tie into my harvest next week and Being thankful !

We also make hand print of corn on cob today . i wanted to just use paint green and yellow but didnot like the way they where turning out so i did all yellow and used green cut out for the stalk. I think they should be longer so it looks like more like a corn stalk then a flower leaf but that ok . first year doing it and it cut!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday letter day Ee

So each Thursday i do the letter of the week . So we will cut A large E e of a big cut out and then they are going to fill it in with the scape's of paper we used yesterday to weave with. We already on Tuesday afternoon practice writing Ee but we might do more this afternoon . Like a huge trace or something . What do you do to intro all the letters ? Do you have a letter of the week ?

We also do a fine motor of writing the letter . We make a list of what start with Ee like we have an Evan and Ella in childcare . during week also i usually will ask while passing out thing and before handing them say lunch ask them to tell me something that start with the letter of week . As you see i let them color the E first .