Friday, November 12, 2010

Fab Corn Friday

So we been study and talking about corn all week . Today we made corn on cob ..

I took a cut-out of a corn on cob . I had them color the stalk green and then when finished i popped some pop-corn and we glued them on ... now as you see i cut them out with cardboard as with weight of glue and popcorn they need something more then think paper . I usually use reg unpoped corn to but it was missing in action this morning . so you could do either way . Happy Friday and these will all tie into my harvest next week and Being thankful !

We also make hand print of corn on cob today . i wanted to just use paint green and yellow but didnot like the way they where turning out so i did all yellow and used green cut out for the stalk. I think they should be longer so it looks like more like a corn stalk then a flower leaf but that ok . first year doing it and it cut!

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