Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gumball painting Letter Gg

so we missed last Thursday letter as of the Holiday so we making it up today Gg . So we did our list of the words that start with g (child name words that start with Gg) Grace ,God good ,gumball hint hint ) and so on . So we painted with gumballs . They had a large cut out of g and rolled gumballs over the G in our paint boxes . They also have some practice writing Gg .

As you see i love things i already have around old yogurt cntainer for the paint , i do have fancy lakeshore ones but i think these are perfect . You see my fancy boxes that cost around 20 each . i dont have trays something i want but actual these work great and cheap . they just think this kind of painting magical and i hope they Gum and g stick .

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