Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clothes pin and Ribbon

my inspiration came from this site mymontessorijourney . Sorry i can ad click silly blog never let me . but i love two things here well more actual i love fine motor skill , love number , counting and i love the Montessori learning .

So i needed clothes pin now if your doing 1-5 like me not to bad but if doing one -10 you need 55 clothes pin i think that right . Now this is the first time i think i am introducing clothes pin the pinching find motor skill using these so am going to start with 5 and see who they use them , hold up .(i think i got this some time years ago at dollar store and about a month i looked again i seen them ) it was a 1.00 for 40 of them .

Also need ribbon some kind of tag i used a tag punch oval and i took foam number , leaves and foam glue is what i used . I do have hot glue handy in case the ribbon does not hold up with foam glue .

So now you come up with ideas . You of course could use sticker , write numbers on them i also was thinking of doing a star one for December and using a color stick .

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