Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Turkeys

We on Friday we do some kind of theme of the month craft project and i though i also show our songs of the month . One is a felt board song .

Five Black Crows (tune of five speckle frogs )

Five crows all shinny black ,

sat on a scarecrow back

eating most delicious corn

Caw Caw 'scarecrow winked and shouted Boo

scared a crow away he flew.

Now there are four black shinny crow . And so on.

("this is from theteachersclassroom)

Mr . Turkey

Mr. Turkey tail is big and wide (spread hands)

hes swings it when he walks (swing hands)

his neck is long , his chin is red (point)

he gobbles when he walk .

("this is from The preschool calendar book ) as you see this goes great with our craft today

Scare crow song (tune up on the house top )

out in the field in a row of corn

stand a scarecrow forlom.

crows on it head and crows at it feet

it the sadness scarecrow your ever meet

cant scare the crows

oh no no

out in the field in a row of corn stand a scarecrow so forlom.

This is from tots

I like this as it head and feet and i can use my same felt pic if i like .

Today we did a cut and color turkey with moveable tail . Hard to see the tail swing back and forth. using a fastener.

It from The preschool calendar book (i love this book )

i print it out and then they color it and then some cut their own out and i help the other and i took a faster and make his move able tail . Will go great with the song above Mr . Turkey .


  1. Love the song about Mr. Turkey. We will be starting some of our "Turkey" themes next week, can't wait to use it. I am also a Home Child Care Provider and I love to find other Providers blogs!! Your doing a great job!!!

  2. thanks Michelle . I hopeful in a year I'll have my currulum in easy order for me and other to follow .