Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Corn Candy Corn Sorting Game and Fine motor skills

This is this month new game we are sorting candy corn .You need pom pom yellow , white and orange . (i looked last night at dollar store and they have them in these color . (

i happen to have a huge bag i pulled for . I made three cards and have out three thongs (also got these last year at dollar store in wedding section ) and i took a old strawberry tub and put the pom pom in and the children sort and use the motor skill for the thongs . They are so excited to sort with these .

ps i know i need to trim them better and will laminate them later also !


  1. Awesome idea! You could probably make a game out of it too with rolling a set of dice - one with numbers and one with the colors.

  2. A really cool idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jeniffer great idea i love doing math with dice or cards it great way to teach numbers . thanks