Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Harvest weaving corn

Was not sure how this work . If any would be able to weave the corn . As you see there is some that got it and some that did not but it all the same was great on find motor and thinking skill figure how to get paper through the corn .

First i cut strips of paper longer then needed . I thought this be easier for them to weave . Then i cut a corn shape , Then folded in 1/2 and cut slits.

When they where done weaving i cut ends off and glued them down .You see all levels here . I also let them cut the strips when done as we will use it as turkey another day and great practice for these learning to cut . If they have trouble cutting work with holding paper and cut on line as a guild .

I seen this on Almost unschooled blog check it out .

as i am here loading pictures i think we use the fall color cut paper to work with our letter Ee.

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