Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Letter of Week U

April Shower Bring May Flowers

Tired of letter of the week . Thursday is letter of week and this is the way am doing it this year is so different then passed . Will have to decide if i like it and if it is really working better the passed to introduce letters but we will see . I see the end and looking froward to review weeks with some really fun ideas .

Practice writing U , Made umbrella's , Made our U list , under , umbrella , up , unicorn ,

We played a little game with up and under . We also played I spy letter with Raindrop letter .(sorry no picture ) From

As were doing weather this week we worked on umbrella's for the wall. I made a little rain .

I started with some water and brought to a boil and we watch when it streamed how it make water cloud and form rain droplets . We introduced Evaporation ,Condensation ,precipitation and collection .

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wind socks

So we took cup , foam pieces , twine ,crape paper and markers .

We decorated our cups any way they wanted . then I tied string around top of cup for hanging and they glues crape paper inside the cup . Then we hung out side on the deck to watch the wind . Hard to photo wind but you get idea.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ABC's of Jess's house: Playing in the Wind.

ABC's of Jess's house: Playing in the Wind.: "So today we played in the Wind . I bought in one of my husbands work fans in and we turn on different speeds to feel the w..."

Playing in the Wind.

So today we played in the Wind . I bought in one of my husbands work fans in and we turn on different speeds to feel the wind blowing in our face and blowing our hair . Please be careful with young child. We also blow bubbles in the fan and watch and kids wanted to know why they only blow to some people . Great time to talk about direction of wind . I blow up a balloon and let air out and let it fly . Then we let the fan wind blow the balloons around . Then we where the wind and blow the balloons around the room . When finished we made balloon pictures with ink pads , We stamped with tp rolls and our finger . Then we added string onto balloons and talked about wind only blows one directions so balloon will too. I wanted to share .I though i did yesterday sorry .I been using for weather sounds . So at our 2nd circle time we been reading Clifford's weather but we also read Clifford and the big storm and we listen to wind Great site to get all kinds of weather sounds

Sorry pictures are not great it is hard to take pictures of windy and items blowing in the wind!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wind -Windy

so we are on week 2 of weather and today were talking and looking at wind. First i blow a feather . And they guess what kind of weather i was talking about . Then i gave them all straws and a feather and we blow them around a while . Then i had diamond shapes and we painted with our feather on the diamond and made a kite . What do you need to fly a kite Wind !March is windy here in Minnesota .

Saturday, March 26, 2011

ABC's of Jess's house: Cutting box

ABC's of Jess's house: Cutting box: "This little box is out all time at the table . It has stripes of paper , scissors and It is just a white shirt box top. each month or ..."

Cutting box

This little box is out all time at the table . It has stripes of paper , scissors and It is just a white shirt box top. each month or when i have scape's i add strips some have lines other don't . Also great holds all the pieces of paper they cut. (mine needs empty again)Then when that's full i put into a zip lock bag and we use them for different art projects like Mosaic eggs coming up or the rainbows we made Friday . Some children like my two's need lines still . Helps to control the little cuts. Now when they are first learning to not use line i have seen many draw their own lines. Hehe This is one of the most used and favorite activity for my 2 years and 3 year old children. Simply , great skill ,working the muscles in the hands, doe snot cost anything

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cutting rainbow made with scapes

So we pulled out the cutting box (i have posted before ) we took our scape's and made this wonderful rainbows . Practice our cutting skills ,organizing and planning all the colors . The older 3 and 4 did a wonderful just and the 2's just worked on their skills as you see .
Prefect Friday Craft

Tye Dye Rainbows

So we have this chart up from other activities this week . And they been working on mixing colors all week . So today they where given 6 jars Three with red, blue and yellow in each one and three empty one. Working in pairs they made green , orange and purple. We use eye droppers.
We drop the paint onto our coffee filter . When dry we cut a little arch out from bottom . I use these white shirt boxes for a lot of things but great for messy project like this and they can dry right in there and they stack . Prefect idea with messy art .

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter Of Week Tt Teddy Bear Tea Party

Teddy bear , tea ,tee , toast ,tomatoes ,tire ,time, Tuesday , Thursday ,too,two .toe toad so many Tt words but we focus on Tea with Toast and tomatoes today with our Teddy bears . We had a teddy bear party.

We made our list

We traced Tt

We did i spy Tt' i just made a sheet with letter in different orders and you X or circle the Tt's .

We made a teddy bear door hanger today

We all brought our teddy bear for our Tea , toast and tomatoes party .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rain, Rain I should be saying Snow Rainbow and mixing colors

So we studying rain and rainbows this week through our weather unit but actual this is how it looks outside today here March 23rd . School closed all over, ice and snow but we moving on with Rain which we did get yesterday .As we studying Rainbows we doing a little color mixing as they where very excited yesterday to tell and sharing what color of the rainbow make what .
I take zip lock bags and we mixed
Yellow and green = blue
red and blue = purple
yellow and red = orange
SO today as i have a small group we just used the three colors red, blue and yellow and now have 6 colors . We did talk about making pink , brown and they come up with some of their own .
Then we took Q-tips and i gave then the three colors Red , Yellow and blue and they made six color of the Rainbows . I already had rainbow Arch's and let them follow lines . It was great to see them reinforce the mixing of colors while painting the rainbow .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainbow spin art

First i showed the children my 6 part circle colored . I then took a sharp pencil and spin the circle and see what you see colors disappear and you see more white . The colors instead of 6 colors you see while . this is the reverse of what happens when rainbow is from light . It separated the colors .Then after i explained like when a rainbow disappears when some light hit it . We did spin art i put 6 color markers together for this and all got a round and i turn on spinier .

We read Clifford scholastic Oh, The colors of Spring
It is raining here and prefect song for today is
I'm a little rain cloud
I'm a rain cloud in the sky
I Pick up moisture as i float by
When i get full i can't hold no more
I open up and let it pour .

By making learning fun .com

Yesterday afternoon we did the dubber rainbows also . I can tell you where to get my spinner i pick up years and years ago at like a surplus store i think maybe was like a pottery wheel for children .
AM just loving all the color talk new words Violet and indigo . They where even talking about what colors make what colors this morning at table . Can wait tomorrow we going to do some color mixing .