Monday, March 7, 2011

One fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

So we made a fish bowl just with paper and Added A Blue Fish 1 and 2 Red fish(or they can choice ) meaning one fish ,two fish ,red fish ,blue fish and i also gave them a star if they wanted to add a star to one fish (just like the book ) Some draw the star. I did not have color goldfish so we just did fish bowl mats counting out the fish to the correct bowl . From A few of the children wanted to color the sheet and bring it home .
There was a man who wrote some books
And Seuss was his name -o
S-e-u-s-s., S-e-u-s-s, S-e-u-s-s
and Seuss his name o
I don't know where i found this it been years i been using it !Enjoy

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