Tuesday, March 15, 2011

another blog question

ok now i am addicted to this blogging . and i love sharing , i love the record and order of my Daily curriculum . I need to know two things maybe someone can help .
Buttom how do i get them on my blog ? I don't mean mine own but other i like to place here for them ? So i tried to copy there button and url info and place where ? everywhere i try does not work . Thanks
2nd why do i want to twitter my blog ? and what should i know about it . Am not a huge twitter fan but a big face book fan but never got into twitter .
Ok thanks for help . Jessica


  1. To place a button on your blog - usually you go to the site you like that has a button. Copy the code below the button. Then go back to your blog and add a gadget - select the HTML/JavaScript gadget. Paste the code that you copied inside the window of the gadget and save. If the button code is correctly done by the blogger - then you should now have a button on your blog that points to that bloggers page:)

    As far as twitter - that is entirely up to you. Twitter does reach another audience but I will tell you it takes some work to keep up with the tweets! Good luck with your decision:)

  2. Thanks Deborah ,ok that what i was doing with buttom so i keep working on that . As for twitter not sure i want to add that as you know keep blog up is a lot of work and addicting .. jess