Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainbow spin art

First i showed the children my 6 part circle colored . I then took a sharp pencil and spin the circle and see what you see colors disappear and you see more white . The colors disappear.so instead of 6 colors you see while . this is the reverse of what happens when rainbow is from light . It separated the colors .Then after i explained like when a rainbow disappears when some light hit it . We did spin art i put 6 color markers together for this and all got a round and i turn on spinier .

We read Clifford scholastic Oh, The colors of Spring
It is raining here and prefect song for today is
I'm a little rain cloud
I'm a rain cloud in the sky
I Pick up moisture as i float by
When i get full i can't hold no more
I open up and let it pour .

By making learning fun .com

Yesterday afternoon we did the dubber rainbows also . I can tell you where to get my spinner i pick up years and years ago at like a surplus store i think maybe was like a pottery wheel for children .
AM just loving all the color talk new words Violet and indigo . They where even talking about what colors make what colors this morning at table . Can wait tomorrow we going to do some color mixing .


  1. We love to make rainbows, almost everyday someone uses those do-a-dots to make a rainbow! Yours look lovely. I love your weather observation sheet, where did you get it. We would love to use it to record our observations each day. Take care!!!

  2. Michelle , weather chart is from The mailbox www.mailboxselect.com
    What i like as am trying to teach my preschool today , yesterday and tomorrow and it kind of helps also .

  3. I love the spinner! I need to get a lazy susan or something! I love how you did multiple markers at once - Henry would love that!

    I'm featuring this post on my weekly High Five! this week.

    Stop by and check it out :)

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  4. Thanks jamie. yes i pick this silly spinner up years ago been using for years i wish now i picked up more like like a battery lazy susan. I love to get a salad spinner i seen many use . off to check out blog !