Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Letter of Week U

April Shower Bring May Flowers

Tired of letter of the week . Thursday is letter of week and this is the way am doing it this year is so different then passed . Will have to decide if i like it and if it is really working better the passed to introduce letters but we will see . I see the end and looking froward to review weeks with some really fun ideas .

Practice writing U , Made umbrella's , Made our U list , under , umbrella , up , unicorn ,

We played a little game with up and under . We also played I spy letter with Raindrop letter .(sorry no picture ) From

As were doing weather this week we worked on umbrella's for the wall. I made a little rain .

I started with some water and brought to a boil and we watch when it streamed how it make water cloud and form rain droplets . We introduced Evaporation ,Condensation ,precipitation and collection .

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