Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rain, Rain I should be saying Snow Rainbow and mixing colors

So we studying rain and rainbows this week through our weather unit but actual this is how it looks outside today here March 23rd . School closed all over, ice and snow but we moving on with Rain which we did get yesterday .As we studying Rainbows we doing a little color mixing as they where very excited yesterday to tell and sharing what color of the rainbow make what .
I take zip lock bags and we mixed
Yellow and green = blue
red and blue = purple
yellow and red = orange
SO today as i have a small group we just used the three colors red, blue and yellow and now have 6 colors . We did talk about making pink , brown and they come up with some of their own .
Then we took Q-tips and i gave then the three colors Red , Yellow and blue and they made six color of the Rainbows . I already had rainbow Arch's and let them follow lines . It was great to see them reinforce the mixing of colors while painting the rainbow .

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