Monday, March 21, 2011


First we started with showing swirling colors , talking about concept of how the colors in rainbow form . I took a bowl with milk , dish soap drop and food color and tooth pick . Ask what will happen , have them help adding 3 or 4 different colors ,swirly around see what happen . Add a drop of soap ask what will happy "separates" Like Rainbow when it disappears.
Then we made a cereal rainbow with some left over cereal i had . let them glue with q-tip and glue . I have many old glue bottle i need to use up so this method works great .
we also started charting the weather i think this week going to great week to chart , we going to have warm sun 50 , rain and even snow .
We listen to the story on line of R o y G b i v

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  1. :)

    I remember the story of RoyGbiv. It's one of those lessons that sticks with you.