Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday number 7 Number of the month

We practice writing 7's and made a 7 template picture . We added straw piece 7 ,they needed to count out 7 of them to add to The 7 Template .
They used the new table time activities today . here a little action shoots . My two's love to practice cutting now as you see . i have a cutting box they can use when table open . Also we have Green eggs everywhere lol .

Sunday, February 27, 2011

March table time and Dr. Seuss

So in Celebrations of DR. Seuss we will spend next two weeks Celebrating him and his books . I wanted a beading skills and pattern so i got these great wood piece and painted them white and red . Just used Tampa paint . After a week at table i will add them to block area for stacking . Again i used my Strew berry container to hold them . Added pipe cleaner for stringing.
Then i made some hat pattern and cut strips of four colors . I use a white shirt box for the tray .
Teachpreschool i seen it over there
Here a little Surprise Cat and The Hat leaves for us tomorrow at Circle time . Dr .Seuss letter box . I gear this down to Preschool . I took another Strawberry box . I taped the poem to the top of book and have my magnet board to bring out with our surprise . The poem reads

Please look in this box
From Thing One and Thing Two,
You’ll find a fun game
Of learning-to-read clues.
Just twenty-six alphabet letters to learn,
All of the words in the world, any found in a book,
Are made with these twenty-six letters—
Just look!
Put these letters in order,
C with A-T makes CAT.
Replace C with H,
Now the CAT is a HAT.
I know it’s a challenge,
but it can be funny,
And learning to read
Will make your days sunny
I know it’s a challenge,
but it can be funny,
And learning to read
Will make your days sunny.
I’m the Cat in the Hat,
And I’m here to say
Reading is fun!
Start learning today.
you can fine it here plus a whole down load lesson plan

Tomorrow Monday we will start with Cat and the Hat and The Cat and The Hat comes back .
We also will make Dr . Seuss hats for the wall .
Tuesday we move onto another book and Wednesday to Celebrate his Birthday we will do green eggs and Ham . See the green eggs in the play kitchen area . I bet we will all be eating a lot of green eggs this week .

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another great blog giveaway

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dr Seuss give away .
Just in time Dr Seuss give away check it out !

Friday Flossing !

so today we talk about flossing . we have cover brushing , going to dentist now flossing. i lost my floss prop and did not notice until to late to make a new one but here an idea for you that might like to have one .

instead i used my gater to show flossing today . And we made these hippo with teeth . for the children to practice flossing . We played around with the two kinds of floss picks and wax string .

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday letter Qq

word list quilt, quite , quiet, quarter,queen we talked a little about the Qu
practice are writing Qq
We did a q template with Quarter . I print so quarters out for them to put on their q i was not ready to glue real quarters on the Q. We also looked at pictures of quilts . And each child will do a square and i will put them together with a Q in the middle . Qq is a little hard for some children to identify so i hope this helps if we hang it up . sorry hanging quilt is hard to see . It is cute and we will talk about for a week or so . They always take proud in something they make .

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Bash montessori giveaway

check it out wouldnt this be so cool to be able to print all this made already and ready for you to use ..

Dentist Preschool today

So we have tons of little Dentist running around today . I added new tooth brushs to play area and we made Dentist hats today . Just made a band hat and added foil for our shinny mirror light part .
We talked about happy food and sad food for our teeth . I used a premade sheet today but for years i made my own and did a happy face and sad face and used ads from paper or magizines for food that make out teeth happy and sad .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dental Week

Today we painted a large tooth with white paint and a tooth brush .. We hang on our Bullet board . Help keep my smile white is our theme . Then we made a tooth brush for them to take home (not to use) craft stick i had them decorate and we made a brush . 11/2 inch white thick paper . I had them cut lines in to make the brush . We glue it on the back . Cute...... I want to share this great site and if you have not been part of there program Colgate has great preschool curr and material for working with your family and preschool .
now they used to send out the material i have books , dvd ,cd,games songs so much cool stuff, tooth brush from them but i don't seem to see it on the web . I used to get updated email to remind me to reorder but i don't remember getting on this year . but they still have many great ideas to down load and use .
Today we are focus on Brushing how many times a day ? How to brush ? where to Brush and letter our parents help us brush . later this week we talk about floss , eating right and going to Dentist .

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Presidents Day ..

Authur for President
Grace for Presidents
Also will use The us presidents book just looking and talking about the pictures .
This year we will talk a little on who the president is what they do and what would you do but we going to spend the rest of day learning what about money .
First we make penny bracklets 4/6 penny each clear package tape
Design your own dollar /money i just made a simple bill design let them see where they go with it .
We sort coins and we pattern the money heads and tails . We also put in order large to small
Do coin rubbing lay the coin under white or any paper and let them color over them it magic president will appear.
I made my own resourse sheet but then found this great site for resourse on who on each coin and bills

I used this cute poem will need to make props for next year from over at

here a great site and we usally do this clean some money but we didnot set it up this year but if you like you can see how it works

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doll and Dramatic play area

These key boards are used a lot we have three .The kids write each other letter , spell their names .. find letters we been working on . love it !

We also have cell phone which hum they must of hide them as i can not find them i think we have around 4 . even a slide one and did you know 3 and 4 years can text already or at least pretend too. Remotes also just add last month and we have a few calculators also . fun

Barbies are over with the dolls we just have one draw . see how i have them label easy clean up .

i have to of these storage boxes lids fit nicely we make L with them and store all the dolls in them . blankets , bottles dolls and stuffaminals .

last picture here what it usually looks like over most days all piled all over but as above picture the trick is that it can be cleaned up nicely and neat. best of all easy for children .