Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dental Week

Today we painted a large tooth with white paint and a tooth brush .. We hang on our Bullet board . Help keep my smile white is our theme . Then we made a tooth brush for them to take home (not to use) craft stick i had them decorate and we made a brush . 11/2 inch white thick paper . I had them cut lines in to make the brush . We glue it on the back . Cute...... I want to share this great site and if you have not been part of there program Colgate has great preschool curr and material for working with your family and preschool .
now they used to send out the material i have books , dvd ,cd,games songs so much cool stuff, tooth brush from them but i don't seem to see it on the web . I used to get updated email to remind me to reorder but i don't remember getting on this year . but they still have many great ideas to down load and use .
Today we are focus on Brushing how many times a day ? How to brush ? where to Brush and letter our parents help us brush . later this week we talk about floss , eating right and going to Dentist .


  1. Very cute! I never knew about Colgate's curriculum -- thanks for sharing the link! :-)

  2. Very good ideas. I really appreciate the information about Colgate. So glad to have those resources!