Friday, February 11, 2011

Over load of Hearts

Am going to share some things we doing today not sure i have mine done to show . so am going to share the links .
We read Clifford's first Valentines this week i think on Monday . So am going to read it again and we going to make a Heart Clifford . Our cliffords done look like him but they are proud of them . and they did it all them selfs !
Then we made a card from The preschool Calendar book i use .
Roses are red ,Violets are Blue
I'm your secret Valentines
Guess who! it folds into a heart card .
We also doing these hand prints gifts for the parents .
not sure i use this poem or another hand print poem .
here another poem
With your two hands you've cradled me
And loved me from the start
So with some paint and my two hands
I've made for you a heart

there is many out there for you to use . i made my on paper plates a little stronger and and easy to cut into a heart or circle's ? have not decide how am finishing it yet but love ribbon so for sure make a hanger .

Then last thing we started to do today was shaving cream hearts
mixture shaving cream
Glue and
i don't measure just mix and we painted with Q-tips . they dry shinny !

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