Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 1/2 Heart

So I really want to teach my Three and four year olds in my care how to cut a hearts . So today we are going to work on cutting hearts . Cut them in 1/2 so they are same on both sides . So i trace the 1/2 heart pattern on some white paper . Plus we going to take this a one step and fold a heart in 1/2 and paint with qtips and fold the 1/2 over and have match paint on both sides . We started this First by finish another 1/2 of an heart . From Preschool skills A Kelly wingate publication .(Great book by way to help writing ) Working on many fine motor skills and they are amazed at results . She got it and so did my three year old . Yah they are excited . Ill give them a few sizes of 1/2 folded paper to keep working in it . Now they have this down maybe they start to make their own .
There is a book Called Valentine Friends by Scholastic ann schweninger and in this story tells and shows the children how to make hearts ."The Perfect Heart"

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