Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Heart

Ok change of plan my contact paper i could not fine . So i gave them a sheet of white paper and material and then let them go at it . When they where finished i cut into a heart and can laminate or leave . (Am thinking i save my laminate ) I still proceed to punch hole and make a hanger . Very open ended and still nice little surprise for parents and they are proud of their work .
This is what i was planning to do today .
This is really simply but as today I have two infants here and (4) 29 month old plus (2) 3yr old and 4 year old . I take a pc of contact paper for each child and double it . I fold over 1/2 and unpeal sticky side up . I then let them add tissue paper to the sticky side. When they are done i fold over to seal . I cute into a heart shape . Hole punch a hole and add ribbon for hanging . Nice for them to take home for Valentines Day . Or hang in the widow.
Sorry for side way picture my edit program not playing nice with computer right now ..
Happy Valentines day !

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