Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doll and Dramatic play area

These key boards are used a lot we have three .The kids write each other letter , spell their names .. find letters we been working on . love it !

We also have cell phone which hum they must of hide them as i can not find them i think we have around 4 . even a slide one and did you know 3 and 4 years can text already or at least pretend too. Remotes also just add last month and we have a few calculators also . fun

Barbies are over with the dolls we just have one draw . see how i have them label easy clean up .

i have to of these storage boxes lids fit nicely we make L with them and store all the dolls in them . blankets , bottles dolls and stuffaminals .

last picture here what it usually looks like over most days all piled all over but as above picture the trick is that it can be cleaned up nicely and neat. best of all easy for children .

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