Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little look into our Valentiens party

Well as our party is not until tomorrow i wanted to share what we Will be doing . Just in case you need another simply idea .
We will make Valentines crowns to wear for the day and necklaces . The head bands or crown is to simply strips tape or glue together .(tape works better then staples or glue as it stay better ) Then they glue on hearts and sticker (i don't have sticker on the example ). Then i tape it to the head size . (again tape is stronger )
Then they will make necklaces to match . I cut yarn and tape the ends to make a nice easy thread . Then i cut straws to add in between each heart . I cut out heart and just hole punched a hole. I Tie when they are finished .
already made our Valentine bags and been hanging up .very simply this year .

I also have tata if they like one for their hands and we will do Valentines play dough and they all get some to take home .

I have a set of hearts i hide number 1-20 . once they are all found we will come back together and count them to see if we have them all . Adding them in order 1-20.

Another fun thing we are going to do is read a book called "A book of Kisses" by Scholastic and i have big white hearts cut and they are all going to put some lip Gloss on and kiss the heart . Some reason they love the results .. it like magic to a preschooler . Qtips and lip gloss to apply . When dry i will write something like A goodnight kiss .. ops see in my example it not one word.
We will then do candy math , sorting , counting ,adding ,subtraction, pattern and graphing . We all start with 10 candy hearts in front of us . We will add first 1+1= and so on 2+1= . We will then do subtraction the same way 10-1= 9-1 until 0 again then we will pattern our hearts . which i got at then we will graph our candy hearts and see who has the most pink , green ect. Also got at graph sheet at but if you look around many free ones to print or make your own .
Then final if they like they may eat them . I one of my favorite way to teach math candy . Candy hearts , candy corn kiss , m&m's yummy !
Happy Valentines Day!

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