Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dinosaurs come from eggs . so today was introduce to dinosaurs . "We read Dinosaur Days" then first we decorated large egg with dot dubbers . We added a dino to the egg .Their many ways you could do this yard art would of been fun . tissue paper college , sponge painting etc . We did not have a lot of time and after busy day yesterday i though a simply art would be good and they all love the dot dubbers . Then i had a dinosaur in a some white play dough hidden (eggs) for them to dig out break out . They have not seen this dinosaurs yet so they where a surprise to ad to block area . They loved this and played at least 1/2 hour it the play dough and dinos .They had fun pulling the play dough apart . Making dino tracks.
We have a watch and grow dinosaur we put in a van in the Science area to watch . He already started to grow (i picked up at dollar store .)They are very excited they have already told me he is growing .
We also added watch me grow dinosaurs to science area i just picked up two at the Dollar store .

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