Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enviroment where all these activities take place

am posting a pc of my Environment once a week as someone asked , almost done i promise , But i want to say the Environment is one of the most importance things it not all the things "we" make . But i truly believe it the way you have your environment set so children can learn .I have shown a lot of the play environment (not all yet ) but most so now i though i should show you where all these activities take place . Take Encounter and remember this is my home with my family of 6. We share .This is my dinning room it set for Childcare classroom . There sets a box of color each day of 500 for free use . A basket of paper to use any time . Draws just for them to go and get glue , cutting tools or marker. Now remember i work with mixed so they are not left in open shelves like when i was in a classroom with 3's or 4's. But they are their for them to use any time . They also have a 3 draw been with items like lace cards , file fold games and other ideas they might want to use . An other cabinet has puzzles and games for them to use during free play or table time . I also in this room have our calendar which i believe i posted before . We do calendar and table time after breakfast every day . I usually read one of or two to three stories a day at this time .To Tye in what we are doing this day .
Sorry for side way pictures computer and camera still not playing nice .
here where i post my calendar if you missed it in November . I use my glass doors which wonderful .


  1. I love that table! We have a big table with many chairs but one side has a bench. Sad thing is the bench is from an old table so it don't match. It works though.

  2. Thanks Amy it fits 8 plus am lucky i have Isle with 4 stolls for the school ager or my own children if need . so i can fit 12 nicly and high chair are other side of kitchen . The table is knotty pine which was not cheap at all but dh can sand it down every so offen and polly it which is why i let them paint , glue , shaving cream right on top and never worry .I do because it pine get fork scapes and writing as it a soft wood but next time sanded all gone !