Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday letter Pp

Prefect P for puzzles and color of the month purple . Of course many other other words .So we did our word list . Including the P dinosaurs. Pteranodon small as a turkey body but wings as big as a small plane. (there are many but we only be talking about this one this week along with our other dinosaur. )

We did our practice writing in purple. Then we took are P templates decorated them and put them on purple paper . Then we cut them into pieces and then we have a puzzle . P for puzzle .One girls would not cut her pretty work she said into puzzle pieces. that was ok . We also did a few dinosaur puzzles together a nice floor one and some more detail ones. Then i put them out for free play to explore . I have some nice 3D ones also we will work on later . Floor puzzle we will do at circle time . I have a nice collection dinosaurs puzzles .

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