Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dinosaurs how big are you ?

Well today we looked at how big or small a dinosaurs is ? We measure out the lenght of some dinosaurs we been taking about and ones we more interested in .
Stegosaurus "bony back " 30 feet long /16 feet height
Triceratops "Three horn" 30 feet long 16 feet height
Tyrannosaurus one of the biggest T-rex 40 feet long 20 high.
We took out our dinosaur growth chart to see how tall each child was then
we took string and laid it to 16 feet long . This is how tall a Bony back is and Three Horn we had the children lay next to the string and see how tall they are ? In the end we measure to Trex size adding 4 more feet . Now when i was in a classroom I used painters tape and laid that out on the floor. It makes a huge impact on the size. we also walk the length and counting how many steps it takes to be as tall as a TRex .and so on . I leave the string tapes to the floor for free play so they can walk it ,measure it and so on . lay next to it .
As we are talking about dinosaurs growth i have to say they are loving the science area with the dinosaur in the vase growing . They get very excited coming and checking . Look at these great book i also found to add over there for the two kind of dinosaurs we having growing . Bony back and three horns .. prefect addition . I also adding some dinosaur flash card for them to look at all the different dinosaurs.
When we where done i had these great set of dinosaur stamps we pulled out .

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