Sunday, February 27, 2011

March table time and Dr. Seuss

So in Celebrations of DR. Seuss we will spend next two weeks Celebrating him and his books . I wanted a beading skills and pattern so i got these great wood piece and painted them white and red . Just used Tampa paint . After a week at table i will add them to block area for stacking . Again i used my Strew berry container to hold them . Added pipe cleaner for stringing.
Then i made some hat pattern and cut strips of four colors . I use a white shirt box for the tray .
Teachpreschool i seen it over there
Here a little Surprise Cat and The Hat leaves for us tomorrow at Circle time . Dr .Seuss letter box . I gear this down to Preschool . I took another Strawberry box . I taped the poem to the top of book and have my magnet board to bring out with our surprise . The poem reads

Please look in this box
From Thing One and Thing Two,
You’ll find a fun game
Of learning-to-read clues.
Just twenty-six alphabet letters to learn,
All of the words in the world, any found in a book,
Are made with these twenty-six letters—
Just look!
Put these letters in order,
C with A-T makes CAT.
Replace C with H,
Now the CAT is a HAT.
I know it’s a challenge,
but it can be funny,
And learning to read
Will make your days sunny
I know it’s a challenge,
but it can be funny,
And learning to read
Will make your days sunny.
I’m the Cat in the Hat,
And I’m here to say
Reading is fun!
Start learning today.
you can fine it here plus a whole down load lesson plan

Tomorrow Monday we will start with Cat and the Hat and The Cat and The Hat comes back .
We also will make Dr . Seuss hats for the wall .
Tuesday we move onto another book and Wednesday to Celebrate his Birthday we will do green eggs and Ham . See the green eggs in the play kitchen area . I bet we will all be eating a lot of green eggs this week .

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