Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lost Wednesday !

lost Wednesday . So today we did some counting match up shamrocks . Then they really don't understand what a Leprechaun looks like so over at
We did finish drawing the leprechaun ,some dot to dots again counting ,Then we took from making learning fun a template of leprechaun and decorated and then cut strips out for his beard. And rolled it to make a curly beard. Just wrap a pen around the cut strips .
We also read Ll four leprechaun and did a good luck search for the letters good luck !

A little of that and this today .
So no Leprechaun in our trap yet but he did take the fruit rainbow roll up . Now they put a snack in there . Maybe he will want to chance the snack out of Brooklyn center ,mn as he did in Ireland .What you think ?

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  1. You have some cute ideas. Good luck on catching that leprechaun.;)