Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing in the Wind.

So today we played in the Wind . I bought in one of my husbands work fans in and we turn on different speeds to feel the wind blowing in our face and blowing our hair . Please be careful with young child. We also blow bubbles in the fan and watch and kids wanted to know why they only blow to some people . Great time to talk about direction of wind . I blow up a balloon and let air out and let it fly . Then we let the fan wind blow the balloons around . Then we where the wind and blow the balloons around the room . When finished we made balloon pictures with ink pads , We stamped with tp rolls and our finger . Then we added string onto balloons and talked about wind only blows one directions so balloon will too. I wanted to share .I though i did yesterday sorry .I been using for weather sounds . So at our 2nd circle time we been reading Clifford's weather but we also read Clifford and the big storm and we listen to wind Great site to get all kinds of weather sounds http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/soundfx/Weather.shtml

Sorry pictures are not great it is hard to take pictures of windy and items blowing in the wind!

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