Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cutting box

This little box is out all time at the table . It has stripes of paper , scissors and It is just a white shirt box top. each month or when i have scape's i add strips some have lines other don't . Also great holds all the pieces of paper they cut. (mine needs empty again)Then when that's full i put into a zip lock bag and we use them for different art projects like Mosaic eggs coming up or the rainbows we made Friday . Some children like my two's need lines still . Helps to control the little cuts. Now when they are first learning to not use line i have seen many draw their own lines. Hehe This is one of the most used and favorite activity for my 2 years and 3 year old children. Simply , great skill ,working the muscles in the hands, doe snot cost anything


  1. Hi Jess, Thanks for visiting my pages a lot and leaving such SWEET COMMENTS, I love this idea on your page. Love all your ideas. I enjoy visiting. Lisa of
    My HomeMade Montessori :)

  2. Great idea. I put paper in my water table (without the water of course!) with scissors sometimes and they cut all the paper up in tiny little pieces.