Thursday, November 4, 2010

Letter of The Week Dd

so we have letter of the week this week it Dd. We usually do a motor skill and visual of each letter and also audio to each letter . So all week we have our Dd hanging above calendar . Each day at calendar we see the letter and talk what starts with Dd (Dad ,Dani Dog Dots Dubbers )

So today Thursday are letter and number days so we will Dubber Dd's with Dots ..

also update on yesterday actives and this month games . The candy corn sorting game a huge hit with 2 and 3 . that all i have in right now one almost 4. Then for the clothes pin was a great hit on 3's but one that has issue with her pincher skills did break some trying to get them to go way she wants . I did have two work together as one know her number the other can use the fine motor skills . so we Will work on making more for the two she broke yesterday and learning to master the pinching skills .

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