Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving meal

So we read Dora Thanksgiving and we talked about what we eat at Thanksgiving meal . What we where thankful for and planned our own dinner . I used this sheet that from the Preschool Calendar book but you see you can use a paper plate just as easy and really cute . I save the food ad from Sunday paper and i let them go at it making up there meal . I did precut some for my Two but gave them a glue stick and they went to town making there meal . rest cut and created there own meals . This is fun to do for any Holiday meal or when you study the food groups . As you see some only have meat on plate (8yr ) other have a lot of sweets . We did talk about what the traditional meal is for Thanksgiving .

ok no process pictures today as my main camera i use decided when i went to load pictures to die all black . so here the finished project . Enjoy now if someone or was this easy to have dinner ready .

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