Monday, April 4, 2011

Neigh , Baa, maa,Oink, Moo

You guessed we are doing farm this week . Animal farm objective is to learn what happens on a farm , different kind of farms , match baby animals to adult animals . Today we make a chart K-W- L What we know, What i what to know , and what we will learn . Some things they want to learn are Where do they sleep? , what horse eat? , what a weather vane ? This week book is The Big Red Barn . Today we will start with Horses and colts are baby boys and foals are baby girl horse. We made these clothes pin horse . Just a cut out of a horse , added mane and eye and his/her legs are clothes pin. I added farm animals to the block area for them to play with . See they are having tons of fun . I also introduced them all before letting them play with them . Also at our 2nd circle time after our songs we used flannel board and i asked who been to a farm ? what did you see at a farm ? what might you see ? We also read The farm and the Dell . We also listen and guessed the animals sounds

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