Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Theme but lots of learning going on .

We used our smart mats for letter writing and recognition

Number order they used a pointer and counted with calendar numbers

Flower table game i made ,counting , petal to number

Check list from out school added to portifolios

Where i record info and added to portfolios

Cutting and drawing skills

Assessments that what I'll be working on this week . I do them in October and April . I do these more for my information . What I need to work on with the children then what the children need to work on .There are many kinds of forms out there . Creative Curr , high scope are a few well know ones . I use a combo from our school and a check list . I try in my program to have a balanced approach

It on going process . Am not doing it all this week am more working on my part making sure items are complete.
We cover
Self portrait (This are so fun to look back over three + year time frame )
cutting skill sample

check list of ABC's and numbers ,colors

Write name and recognize name

Anecdotal notes (not my favorite )


informal and formal information

portfolios for each child

I try to do this all in natural part of our day and items we use each day.

My children are 2yr to 4yr that am doing assessment on .

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