Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorting Apples

So we working on some math skills today . I made some counting boards and game boards. The games i have not colored or covered yet but we use this by rolling a die or using number cards . so flip 1 card put one apple on your tree . i used cards maker 1-5 .. so if flip a 3 add three apples . etc .
Number board are simple and some reason kids love these i had this for shapes few weeks ago and i just leave them out and they sort and put in correct order . mine are 1-3 and other side is 3-5 .
Now the apples i made i just took pom pom for green apples and red apples . they . They can sort by size also as you can see small ,med and large .
Am not happy with my apples but i can see pumpkins in my future .. a pumpkin patch is coming . Star for a Christmas tree for the holidays . These are endless and all great premath skills .

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