Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Day For Apples Apple Tree's !

so we finished apples with Apple tree . We first read a Story about Apple trees and then worked a ton on fine motor skills . Try it some time, some kids can not rip paper but it builds the muscle they need to learn to cut. I used tissue paper for the tree truck and red apples . I let them rip red for the apple and then cut brown for the trucks .As you can see it great for mixed ages . My Two that just turn Two(well one be two saturday ) can do this and love to rip and glue . We just didnot do there trucks .They could color it brown if you wanted them to .

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What in the apple

Star -Worm -Seeds

we web apple today name all apples are ,(round , have seeds , sweet ETC)then read a little story about the star in the apple .

We sang our Sneaky Mr. Worm

Five shining apples hanging from a tree:

Teasing Mr . worm wont get me

Along came Mr . Worm as sneaky as can be. Crunch

He eat one : contine until no more apples

Then we cut open an apple to see if any worm in our apples but all we found was a star .

Then we make a hand print of a hungry worm .

This idea was from mailbox mag. 2010

well that was not a lot of painting so i had them paint with water colors .. and they painted and painted away ..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple for The parents

Here a little poem I been sending home apple week forever to the parents .

sorry i can do direct link it wont let me copy it .Sorry i didn't take a picture but you get idea . you could make more fancy and have them cut out and post to a red or green paper .

We Graphed Apples today I Had a Green ,Red and golden (yellow )Apple

you can print one but can do simple three columns and how many up squares

We Graphed our Favorite apple . Then of course tasted each one .yummy
Also my older ones working on letter A so make a letter sheet and have them circle or cross out all A (i was very happy both find them all ) you can toss in upper and lower case if like also .

Monday, September 27, 2010

Circle time

The Apple Tree

Way up in a apple tree ,

two little apples smile at me .

I shock the tree as hard as i could.

down they came ,

ummmm,were they good

By the preschool calendar

Nine little apples

one little , two little ,three little apples.

four little ,five little six little apples:

seven little ,eight little nine little apples---

Delicious as can be ,Crunch

By mailbox magazine
So we sing this two song and a worm and apple song each day at circle time for two weeks . I also read a story or two s and usually have one other item like a game or some other cognitive idea each day we will play .

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ten Apples up on top

So I read Ten Apples up on top . Then i printed a picture of a person and i had them color him , these who can cut ,cut him out and glue him to a white paper . I cut apple in 1/2 and used red paint to stamp apples up on top . We will also balances items up on top of our heads today in circle time . How many can you get up on top ?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letter Monster ! dont laugh

I know you all could do a lot better but i just have never changed it . I started it years ago to see how the kids like it and then never changed .

Today i brought out letter monster to circle time filled with items that start with Aa . Other times i set him in the room and let the child fill him with items that start with the letter we are working on and then at circle time i will do a show and tell .
i just had to show Scholastic children dictionary this is one of the favorite books with kids . it makes me laugh as they can not read .. it the most love book around here for years now .
A word list
Award apron art
apple arrow aligater
air plaine ant ape
arm acorn ankle
angle anchor avocado
of course the list could go on..

Johnny Appleseed

So today we are telling the story of Johnny Appleseed . We did some figure painting . I love these apple trees and how they turn out it a no mess up apple tree .

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorting Apples

So we working on some math skills today . I made some counting boards and game boards. The games i have not colored or covered yet but we use this by rolling a die or using number cards . so flip 1 card put one apple on your tree . i used cards maker 1-5 .. so if flip a 3 add three apples . etc .
Number board are simple and some reason kids love these i had this for shapes few weeks ago and i just leave them out and they sort and put in correct order . mine are 1-3 and other side is 3-5 .
Now the apples i made i just took pom pom for green apples and red apples . they . They can sort by size also as you can see small ,med and large .
Am not happy with my apples but i can see pumpkins in my future .. a pumpkin patch is coming . Star for a Christmas tree for the holidays . These are endless and all great premath skills .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Writing and Letters

So before lunch today we did some practice on smart mats i have finding the A , A words and practicing some writing . but you could easily make your own by clear contact paper , or laminate the practice sheets and let them use washable markers or dry erase pen .
This is endless on what you can have to help with writing . Mazes , lines ,Letter ,shapes numbers or what ever your theme is Dot to dot . The children don't need to bring ever sheet of paper home . and we will have them for years to come .

How Do Apples Grown

First i started with reading "apples Grow on tree" by lets find out by scholastic . i like this little extra new ideas to add each month or two

Then when i was done i gave all a sheet to work on to put how an apple grows in order . so we worked on fine motor skills , literacy skill and cognitive thinking skills

Monday, September 20, 2010


This is a great project for all ages and working fine motor skills . first i cut out apple shapes older preschool can cut out their own .
Then i took red paper (i used wrapping paper ) but could use tissue also . i love to work with all textures . i cut into strips then into small squares . older preschooler cute own strips into squares . then we glued onto our red apple .
I finished with a leaf and a stem. Apple for the teacher . These also be cute on your bulletin board or wall .

A for Apples we are doing apples

Last week i introduced Big A and Little a . First i took a color sheet paper and Wrote an A and a then let them trace with different color marker to make A and a .
To incorporate shapes we did week before we made apple trees . i gave them a tray with yellow ,red and green and each three toilet paper rolls to make circle on the paper . we then add a brown truck and green or brown leafs when dry .. here we have an Apple tree .

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Here It comes The begining..............

Am always sharing my Curriculum ideas , childcare ideas and showing my Passion for my job . so i hope i can show more and get it organized where it is useful for me and other . But be patient as i learn to photos on here and organize it all .
Am a mom of four first 19,16, almost 11 and 10yr .. I have been doing childcare for 14 plus years in my home before that worked in early education for 2 yrs in a center and school setting until i found my true calling in my home . I have a CDA and An Early Education degree . i love many parents of the Early Education and truly believe we are giving the first step into the future . what we do today will change the future in this children ..