Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Name Unit

photo book with names

 Bottle cap name spelling
 match the picture  to the name
 name card each morning they pick there up and use it at the place setting and table time , We will be using these for many things the next month .
 missing name . pull the letters from there name
 which  letters belongs in my name which don't
 match letters in my name , they will later on be able to just use stick to spell their name .

 prongs letter with pom poms and today we did dot art first letter of their name . of course when handing this out we guessed who letter this was .
So it September and school back . All the school ager kids have gone back to school and we settling into our new group . This year I have a young three group they are all two years away from school . So today I introduced learning trays and we start making the connection between Alphabet and letters in their name . The first letter of their name  I will have them focusing on this week .

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