Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We ready for Christmas

 our new wall display hand print tree with presents and all .
 added Holiday books and new rug to reading area
 felt board pieces pattern ornaments  (My tree is missing ? s i will need to make a new one or fine mine  They dnt seem to mind ) 
 sorry sideways tree

 They get to decorate over and over

 I have Santa tags and star tags they are using . prefect ornaments for them sting on them and all

 Holiday trays

 New tray shelves and draws
Ill try to get science up and dramatic play .
Also this week we been doing 5 Sense which i try to show all at end of week ...


  1. Love the drawer thing. What did you get it? Love how you set up the books for Christmas. Reminds me to get mine out!!

  2. amy walmart it cheap s we see if last but help with my tots dropiing trays