Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss

 30 books I own. What is your favorite . I always try to add a new one  . Which one should i add? please share .

 1 Fish 2 fish counting sheet
 Ring toss Dr. Seuss hat !

 cutting strips with Dr . Seuss stickers . How fun that !!

 I have this as a tray now but I think I will add to block area . They can lace/string or stack and pattern the round blocks . I made these a few years back.  

Rhymes . We will be doing a lot of work with rhymes this week . All year I been trying to add a rhyming activity  to help with reading skills each month .

 memory or matching cat in the hats hats

 matching numbers , cutting and find motor skills (I found this card last year in target Dollar spot. ) 

my printable are from 
Here a few crafts we be doing Monday .

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