Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dinosaur Babies

Dinosaur eggs, so I pass out the puzzles to three children and I sing :
Dinosaur egg, up high on the wall
you rolled to far
and had a great fall ,
now all your dino pals and these boys and girls
will have to try to put
you back together again .
I keep signing and we pass the puzzles to a children that have not had them yet until all give at least one puzzle a try
sorry not sure where I found this I made it like 10 yrs ago I want to say it came from mailbox but not sure who to give credit to

 other animals that are born as an Egg
our Egg and Dino head www.learningahoy.com

 our finished egg

 Dinosaur eggs (ice cubes blue with a dino inside ) crack our egg
 They get to keep the Dinosaur and take home once they crack the egg
  We had a bag of small Dinosaur we played with
We match some dinosaur to info cards we do more tomorrow
 our book for today

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