Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter of week

 This year for the first 26 week anyway each try will be about letters (peg letters )
trace letter of week I have two set of theses

rub letter

stick letter

 then this year am doing letter binder the cover and hand print letter comes from 123currculum .com

 first letter

I always make a list of letter words what they might know already .

letter Aa work sheet all these sheet from teacher pay it called Let's learn letters (momprintable )

 this is my binder where I keep all my letter stuff

my letter puzzlers are by Angel fuller  
every two letter we will have letter sound cards to make sounds to correct letter that was on teacher pay sorry I don't have name
 trace letter  
each letter also can have a play dough letter card.
This is a start to how I introduce each letter and how the children get exposed to them each week .  I can add different item to work on letters like lace letters cards , more writing and ad a few month or theme trays ..
Happy learning  

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