Sunday, August 23, 2015

If you Give ..... Laura Numeroff books

I took these and we did hide and seek out of them .

little graph which is your fav. sugar was here . guess what we make this week ?

 Feed the cat a cupcake (I just took clip art cupcakes and a cat pattern at . roll the dice and feed that many cupcakes to the cat .

 here the cupcakes
 we painted cupcakes (puff paint glue , shaving cream and paint ) let to dry 24 hours .
 working on compound words
 we made puppets just like the moose did
We also retiled story using this sheet (sorry forgot pictures )

 of course at pancakes we also mail ourself letter as the
a picture and mails it

 We also had a birthday party with Balloons and party games

 stick puppets also
 sorry link not working today . ill add it next week but it is

 we made cookies also this week

we played with the puppets all week .


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