Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Funshine Curriculum October 2015

I will be using  Funshine Fireflies
Oct 5th Letter D

Everything in a pack (I have 8 preschool all 8 in same package )

Has a  daily lesson format makes  easy to use and sequences learning so that new skills build on previous knowledge. Each day includes activities that integrate learning across different learning domains. Fits into Parent aware in Minnesota and other rated  state  
Lesson plan and Daily info all laid out to give you hint and idea .

It is also fire prevention week and gave you idea to set up Dramatic play
 Fire hats and vest out this month
Also book idea and even song to use
I am a little firefighter
Brave and strong
waiting in the station ,
all day long !
when the whistle blows ,
I race to my truck!
lets flash the lights ,
now wish me luck!

If like to check FunShine out here the link


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