Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Funshine Fireflies

Nov 2nd letter Gg
Craft kit
This is made from the kits

 This is one sheet from letter of the month .
Each week I display this one in the widow by circle time calendar . (later show how to display rest )

Skills  cutting

 skills gluing and following direction

love the song (we will do all week not just today ) it is Nov. 2nd funshine
Our Friends
Do you know my Friend (name)
our friend name(name) our friend name (name)?
Do you know our friend named (name)?
lets wave and say "hello"

Also this week moving is Bowling which my kids love so bowling set out

Science this week is smelling bottles (picture next post )

Nov. 3rd intro to the old king Cole book (I will read for the week )
art build  with play dough  (castle)

Sand out for sensory and made sand castle

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