Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dairy days where fun

As am leaving for vacation for 10 days we heading out a road trip sort of . First we are heading to Black Hills and Mt Rushmore then off to Longmont Colorado to watch our oldest daughter play softball for 5 days . I though i 'd share a little on how I am doing my Food pyramid curriculum . First i break it into different area's dairy , grain , Fruit and veggies then to meat. We also spend a day on the fun stuff JK others or oil and fats . So we spend a few days on each categories then we put them all together into out food pyramid . Then following this we also will talk about moving fitness pyramid .
So as we finishing up Dairy this week and when i get back from vacation on the 5th we move to grain . We also going to do a 100 chart of fruit and veggies .
I don't have any picture except from Tuesday as early talked about leaving for vacation plus i got eye infection(5 hours at doctors today ) and been busier then Bee . Have not even packed yet .
So sorry for lack of post and pictures . I also did not forget about give- away but we have not been able to review them with 6 days of rain so hopeful tomorrow i get it up so you can hang out on the blog when am away ..

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