Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food pyramid

Building Bones
so yesterday we listed food in the milk group
We are charting how many time in each day for next three days we drank milk .
Each meal i ask them how many time a day do we need to have milk or milk product ? (Three)
We read Gregory ,The Terrible Eater

So we will looking at each food group before putting them all together next week
Here a nice web
In Honor in of dairy we made ice cream cones today
Look at this math game you can make to go with your ice cream,0

We read Ice cream the full scoop by Gail Gibbons

Then the best way to end your learning about Dairy is to make some ice cream .
I make ice cream in zip lock bags always a great summer activity . yummy

ok i lost most the pictures ? so we mixed glue , shaving cream into bowls

and added a drop off food coloring . We had these little scoops we used to scoop in onto our cones .(they where given to me from my vet mom ) prefect !

We had blue berry , strawberry ,vanilla and mint ice cream yummy !!


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