Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dental ! bright smile

We made tooth brushes today , craft stick and foam brush . They cut the brush and colored the stick . I also added tooth brushes to dramatic play area boy we had a lot of dolls and animals going to the dentist today . She was busy ! In science area we took to shells one in water and one in pop and will tomorrow we will take out and see what happened ? We also have some real teeth to exam in science area . We have three new table trays . Match the teeth to animal , place the teeth (some already knew they had 20 teeth .and happy teeth sad teeth . We also read Colgate bright smile . They remember this from last year and many years i been using there curriculum . If not formula with Colgate preschool dental curriculum check them out .


  1. Wow, that's what artwork is all about! Kids should understand that oral health care is important in keeping healthy, and the artwork that you created certainly helped them understand the subject matter better. It’s a plus that they also enjoyed it! :)

    [Samuel Hershey]

  2. Reading tooth tales with the kids is really an efficient way to educate them about good oral hygiene. Likewise, it’s also a great trick for them to love dentists and not be afraid of visiting them. This is what I did with my children before and they grew up learning that dentists are one of the good guys! ;)

    Jerri Franceschi

  3. “They remember this from last year and many years I been using there curriculum”—This simply shows that reading these dental stories is indeed effective in teaching children about the importance of taking care of their teeth. It’s great that at the young age that they already know about good dental habits.

    Landen Worley